Neuflor’s innovative and creative integration of the latest technology in micro fluidic control, nano particle ink and fiber chemistry has started a new era in the carpet manufacturing industry. Unlimited individually customized and personalized carpet tile designs with practically no MOQ requirement and game-changing fast lead-times is now a reality.

Thousands of high precision electronically controlled valves inject nano-particles ink on to the carpet. The ink drop volume is precisely controlled to ensure that it is just enough to penetrate to the root of the carpet fiber.

An advanced imaging and color processing software directs each individual valves to injects ink on the precise position of the carpet to create an unlimited designs and colors on the carpet.

The colored and patterned carpet tile then goes through an infusion machine to open up the gaps between the carpet fiber molecule and capillary action force the nano-particles dyes into the gaps. Upon cooling, the fiber molecule gaps closed, infusing the dyes into the fiber resulting in excellent colorfastness.