Lifetime Stain

Permanent lifetime stain resistant is built into the core of the fiber. Just clean stubborn stains such as coffee or wine with cold water, reducing cost and time.


Exceptional durability. Sorona biopolymer molecular spring like structure, allowing the fiber to bounce back into original shape after being compressed, coupled with Ecotec cushion backing.


Sorona dries faster and absorbs 16 times less moisture then nylon. Resulting in excellent anti-microbial properties where the environment for bacteria to breed is exceptionally reduced.


Excellent colorfastness with Molecular Dye Infusion technology where each nano-dye particles is infused and locked inside the Sorona biopolymer molecule


Sorona is made with 37% annually renewable plant base components. Producing Sorona also uses 30-40% less energy and releases 56-63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions as compared to production of nylon.

Art on the

Possibilities of unlimited colors and designs, allows master art pieces to be installed on the floor without exorbitantly high custom design cost and MOQ as required in existing technology…another industry first.

Ecotec Cushion

Ecotec cushion felt backing recycled from PET bottles offers superior waking comfort, excellent sound absorbency and extends the life of the carpet by absorbing foot impact.